We want to develop and subsequently establish an expert and Competence Center for Cardiological and Neuroradiological Applications. A new Platform which, as a first step, will provide innovative solutions for guaranteeing the high-quality basic cardiological care, particularly in the often rural areas and beyond. The system will be able to communicate both with doctors and directly with patients in the most natural way possible.


The communication between the patient and the doctor with Doctor AI essentially takes place via a guided dialogue in which the reaction must be topic- and situation-dependent. This dialogue is implemented both as a chat bot and as a voice dialogue. The speech dialog integrates gesture recognition to ensure robust communication with multiple partners.

Doctor AI continuously screens medical expertise from publications, case studies and medical reports. This knowledge is applied to the contents of the EHR. Doctor AI understands printed and handwritten patient documentation and all kinds of medical scans.

Doctor AI offers for example a holistic evaluation of cardiac rhythm and alarm signals to support cardiology, the initial acquisition in the emergency room and for generating diagnostic suggestions from MRI and CT scans.

The aim is to enable the time series-based
Raw signals of the existing sensors (e.g. accelerometer, PPG, ECG, …) for medical applications
Assessment and advanced recognition of vital parameters such as respiratory rate, pulse, sinus modelling, heart rate variability, sleep intensity, activities, self-orientation ability etc. correctly. For this purpose, the AI platform is used to develop innovative new methods of the so-called Deep Learning. On the one hand, these are to include an automated anomaly detection in the vital parameters and, on the other hand, a de- and reconstruction of the individual biometric markers for the medical assessment of the health situation make it possible.